Protect your organization!
First Handbook on Preventing Exposure to the Nonprofit Sector of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

It is important for any non-profit organization (NPO) to understand what international standards and legal regulations for preventing money laundering and terrorist financing mean for its operations. The identification of possible risks helps us to take appropriate protection measures. This Handbook guides NPOs step by step in developing their resistance to abuse. The publication is useful for everyone who wants to be educated on this topic.

Within the USAID Civic Engagement Project, the Handbook was prepared by Konekt in cooperation with the European Center for Nonprofit Law and the Macedonian Financial Intelligence Office.

You can download the Handbook in Macedonian, Albanian, and English.

Risk assessment for Financing Terrorism in NPOs

In an easy and simple way, find out about the risk assessment of terrorist financing for non-profit organizations in the Republic of North Macedonia. Read the most important information from this extensive document on several pages. The material is practical for non-profit organizations, institutions, the banking sector, and anyone interested in these issues. Find out:

– Which non-profit organizations are covered by the Assessment?

– What are the risks of financing terrorism in our country?

– What are the recommended protection measures?

– What are the self-regulatory mechanisms of NPOs that can be used by banks?

The document is available electronically in Преземете и споделете на MacedonianAlbanian и English јазик. 

We prepared the material within the project for North Macedonia, managed by the European Center for Non-for-Profit Law, and provided by the International Center for Non-for-Profit Law through the Civic Space Initiative.




“Religious Non-profit organizations and the Counter-terrorism financing/ anti-money laundering system: Comparative Analyses and recommendations”

The Analysis is a product of the project “Support to national efforts for compliance with FATF Recommendation 8 to GIZ Global Program Combating Illicit Financial Flows”, implemented by Konekt and Human Security Collective, provided with the support of GIZ Global Program Combating Illicit Financial Flows). This Comparative Analysis is a pioneering step and a valuable resource that contributes to the topic of Religious NPOs and risk-based approaches in CTF/ALM and we hope that it will encourage further research and development in this sphere. Download the English version of the analyses here.