Project Name: Changes for sustainability

Donor: European Union

(IPA 2016: EuropeAid/151569/DD/ACT/MK)

Project value: 276,426.53 EUR

Implementation period: 01.03.2017- 01.06.2019

Target groups and beneficiaries:

  • Civil society organizations (100)
  • Institutions and decision-makers
  • Companies (15)
  • Communities

Implementation: Association Konekt

Project partners: Apollonia Foundation and Center for Tax Policy

Contact us:

Vladimir Polezhinovski Str. No. 19-1/6, 1000 Skopje

Tel: 02 3224 198



Financial sustainability is a key challenge for civil society organizations (CSOs). Grass-root* CSOs are particularly vulnerable since they lack the capacities to tap into foreign funding and therefore local resource mobilization is of particular importance to them.

“Changes for Sustainability” is an action that gathers CSOs to advocate for legal changes that will create enabling environment for financial sustainability of the civil sector. The project helps grass-root organizations to implement local initiatives, cooperate with other stakeholders, and to improve their capacity for financial management, transparency, and accountability.

We give special attention to building local cross-sector partnerships in which CSOs local institutions and businesses work together to make positive changes in their communities.

Our expectations

  1. Established Network for financial sustainability of CSOs with wide participation of at least 20 relevant CSOs;
  2. Evidence-based advocacy initiatives for regulatory framework related to the financial sustainability of CSOs implemented through dialogue and cooperation with the Government and the business community;
  3. Increased capacities of 60 CSOs for financial planning and management in a transparent and accountable manner;
  4. 14 CSOs launch models for their local initiatives through tripartite partnerships (CSO-institutions-businesses) and local fundraising;
  5. Supported and promoted cross-sector partnerships for CSO sustainability.

Our objectives: To contribute towards building a thriving environment for financial sustainability of the CSOs in the country

  1. To establish systematic and consolidated advocacy efforts of the CSOs towards enabling the financial environment
  2. To increase the capabilities of a smaller and grass-root CSOs for financial sustainability and accountability
  3. To empower models of cross-sector partnerships and fundraising for sustainable local initiatives of CSOs


Establishment of Network for financial sustainability of CSOs

  • Network establishment;
  • Establishing a multi-sector advisory committee;
  • Developing programmatic priorities and advocacy action plan for the Network;
  • Launching event.

Advocacy for CSO financial sustainability

Series of activities for policy dialogue and evidence-based advocacy. Our interests in belter regulation include:

  • Tax treatment of CSOs;
  • Tax incentives on donations and sponsorships to CSOs and connection to

Public Benefit Status;

  • Accounting system for non-profit organizations;
  • Mainstreaming the CSOs as employers and support through active measures for employment.

Capacity building for financial management, transparency, and accountability

  • 2 two-day trainings for financial management, financial sustainability, transparency, and accountability (50 representatives from CSOs);
  • Targeted, tailor-made support to 30 small and grass-root CSOs (interactive and practical);
  • Beginners’ toolkit for financial planning and management of CSOs;
  • Conference on cross-sector partnership for CSOs sustainability.


  • 2 calls for grants to support in total 14 CSOs;
  • Grants from 1000 to 6000 EUR for sustainable local initiatives;
  • Local cross-sector partnership supported.