What do we do?

Konekt is a Macedonian civic association established in June 2008 by a few enthusiasts who believe that Macedonia has a potential to grow while relying on local resources and capacities.
Konekt’s mission is to stimulate and promote the private donation and social responsibility aimed at effective and long-term development of Macedonia.

Konekt strives to become the key tool for connecting the donors with the civil sector by creating positive impact on the society.  Konekt enables the constituents to implement their visions related to the changes they want to see in their communities.

As a single organization which addresses this socially significant topic in a comprehensive and dedicated manner, Konekt enables:

  • support to companies for the purpose of developing a responsible business and strategic investment in the community;
  • development of smart and considerate individual and family philanthropy;
  • support in the process of building long-term partnerships between CSO, citizens and companies;
  • positive environment for philanthropy and social responsibility (SR) aimed at achieving real social change.

We believe that when CSR is integrated into the business strategy, it allows the enterprise to achieve increased productivity, innovation and long-term sustainable development.  That is why Konekt established the Responsible Businesses Club, whose goals is to unite socially responsible companies and to offer programs and activities that will help them in the implementation of the socially responsible practices.

Konekt activities include:

  • direct consultations and services to enterprises, individuals and their families;
  • advocacy for a legal framework and environment supportive of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility;
  • analysis, research and preparation of reports;
  • sharing good practices and comparative experiences;
  • operating body of the Responsible Businesses Club
  • Support to the civil sector and strengthening their capacities through multiple activities, among which the scheme for certification of trusted organization is the most significant one – A Trust Mark

Target Groups

  • Companies;
  • Individuals and families that donate and that are in a position to donate;
  • Civil society organizations (CSO) in the capacity of end users


  • Konekt is a member of the Global Compact Network Macedonia and it concurrently represents the Secretariat of the Macedonian network;
  • Konekt has its member in the National Coordinating Body on Corporate Social Responsibility of the RM;
  • Konekt is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia (AmCham) and we jointly implement many projects;