Nikica Kusinikova, MA, Executive Director

She holds a Joint European Master Degree in Comparative Local Development from the University of Trento, the University of Regensburg, and Corvinus University in Budapest. Pursuing her primary vocation a BSc in Electrical Engineering, for several years she worked in the broadcasting industry. For over eighteen years she has worked as a manager and consultant for international and local development programs. She is one of the leading experts in the country and the region on issues of corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship, and the author of several research and publications in this field. Nikica is President of the National Council for Development of Volunteerism, President of the Local Advisory Group for the TACSO Project, and Deputy Member of the National Coordinating Body for CSR. Internationally, as a contact person of the Macedonian network, she represents the Global Compact Local Networks from Eastern Europe in the GC LN Advisory Group. Nikica is serving on the Board of several Macedonian non-profit organizations. In her free time, she likes to travel. Her philanthropic causes are animal rights, the promotion of democracy, and human rights as well as all non-profit organizations she directly cooperates with. Contact Nikica at nikicak@konekt.org.mk

Viktor Mirchevski, Program Associate

He is a postgraduate in political studies in the framework of the TEMPUS Master program in European institutions and policies. From his current and previous work experiences in the Secretariat for European Affairs and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) Macedonia, he drives his interest in initiatives related to the improvement of the legislation and its application. Viktor had his first experience in the Macedonian civil society organization in Konekt. He is engaged in activities related to corporate philanthropy and international initiatives for corporate social responsibility. Despite the commitment to his master’s thesis and working in Konekt Viktor finds time to devote to art. Contact Viktor at viktorm@konekt.org.mk

Natasha Ivanovska, Financial and Administrative Associate

She is a graduated journalist with additional undergraduate studies at the Institute for Security, Defense, and Peace. Since her high school days, she has been an activist in the civil society sector, and she started working with program activities at the beginning of her studies. During her studies, she was engaged in projects related to youth work and youth organizations, later on, transferred to the implementation of a USAID project and today is part of the Konekt team. A passionate gourmand who enjoys great food, yoga, and traveling. Contact Natasha at natashai@konekt.org.mk

Irina Hadji Mitova, Program Associate

She is a political scientist and a master’s student in the TEMPUS program in European Institutions and Policies. Even during her studies, she balances the need for education and work, paid and volunteer, in the private, civil, and state sectors. With more than 10 years of working experience in the civil society sector and in international organizations (NDI and CARE) as a program and financial collaborator, she has gained knowledge of project cycle management, and advocacy in various fields, as well as financial reporting for various donors. She has been a supporter of Konekt’s work for a long time and is finally part of the team that has been inspiring her inner philanthropist for years. In Konekt, she expands the areas of work which include, among other things, preventing money laundering and financing terrorism in non-profit organizations. She dedicates her free time to many hobbies and interests that include Argentine tango, sewing, gastronomy, and traveling. Contact Irina at irinahm@konekt.org.mk

Kristina Tasevska, Financial and Administrative Associate

A graduated economist who applies and upgrades the knowledge she acquired in the business sector for the past 20 years, in the civil sector. Finances and financial management, which are her passion and specialty, can be interesting, challenging, and inspiring, especially when considering the end users of development projects from foreign donors such as USAID, DEU, the Dutch Embassy, and Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation. Because of that, and after the numerous working hours spent with Excel tables and reports, she uses every opportunity to volunteer – especially on children’s education projects. In addition, she recharges her batteries by practicing yoga, reading books, meeting new people, finding new places, socializing, and traveling. Contact Kristina at kristinat@konekt.org.mk



Sandra Anastasovska, Project Manager

She holds a Master’s degree in Business Law from the “Iustinianus Primus” Faculty of Law in Skopje. During her youth days, she was active as a President of the largest youth organization “Youth Educational Forum” and she dedicated herself to youth participation, quality education, and the fight for human rights and youth activism. She has 15 years of experience in managing projects and programs in various sectors, and platforms and managing offices at the national and local levels. Trainer with relevant experience on topics related to Strategic Planning and Advocacy; Civic Education; EU law; Gender Equality; Civic Participation and Youth Policies. As a supporter of European values, she participates in the engagement of civil society organizations in the EU accession process as part of the team of the Open Society Foundation – Macedonia (FOSM). She strongly believes in philanthropy and doing well for the community and citizens. Today, she is professionally dedicated to building philanthropic infrastructure for creating active and generous communities as part of the Konekt team. A feminist who loves books, music, and travel. She is enjoying the time spent with her family. Contact Sandra at sandra@konekt.org.mk

Teodora Gacoska, Administration and Logistics Associate

She has a Master’s degree in Criminal Law from the “Iustinianus Primus” Faculty of Law in Skopje and 6 years of work experience in the public sector. As a Fulbright scholar, she has completed her second Master’s studies in Public Administration and Public Services at Texas A&M University in Texas, USA. During her studies in the USA, she cooperated with CSO’s in Texas, which motivated her to continue her career in the civil society sector and today to be a part of Konekt. Her passions are movies, Korean food, and traveling. Contact Teodora at teodorag@konekt.org.mk


Irena Dodovska, Program Associate

She is a pedagogue with over two decades of experience empowering and advocating for vulnerable groups in our community. Throughout her career, she has collaborated extensively with various organizations and individuals, including children and youth in alternative care, marginalized groups, and people with disabilities. She has mentored young people from families at social risk and supported victims of domestic violence, as well as children who have experienced any form of violence. Her work involves conducting training sessions to raise awareness of child protection and advocating for children’s rights. She is also a master trainer for leading programs working with young people and foster families. She advocates for greater inclusion of people with disabilities in society, tirelessly promoting awareness of their rights and emphasizing the importance of accessible opportunities for all. Additionally, she passionately advocates for a cleaner environment and improved infrastructure in our city. In her free time, she enjoys cycling, walks in nature, and traveling. Contact Irena at irenad@konekt.org.mk

Nikola Trajkovski, Junior Program Associate

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Political science, from the Faculty of Law’’Justinianus Primus” at the Ss. “Cyril and Methodius University” in Skopje. Since his faculty days, he has had experience in the media sector and has worked as a journalist and TV host on the Macedonian National Television. A new professional challenge for him today is to gain skills in the civil society sector as part of Konekt’s team. In his spare time, he enjoys reading books, traveling, going on weekend trips in nature, and spending quality time with family and friends. Send a message to Nikola at nikolat@konekt.org.mk