Nikica Kusinikova, MA, Executive Director

She holds Joint European Master Degree in Comparative Local Development from the University of Trento, University of Regensburg and Corvinus University from Budapest. Pursuing her primary vocation as BSc in Electrical Engineering, for several years she worked in the broadcasting industry. Over eighteen years she works as manager and consultant for international and local development programmes. She is one of the leading experts in the country and the region on issues of corporate social responsibility, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship, and author of several research and publications in this field. Nikica is President of the National Council for Development of Volunteerism, President of the Local Advisory Group for the TACSO Project and Deputy Member of the National Coordinating Body for CSR. Internationally, as a contact person of the Macedonian network, she represents the Global Compact Local Networks from Eastern Europe in the GC LN Advisory Group. Nikica is serving on Board of a number of Macedonian non-profit organizations. In her free time she likes to travel. Her philanthropic causes are: animal rights, promotion of democracy and human rights as well as all non-profit organizations she directly cooperates with.

Viktor Mirchevski, Program Associate

He is a postgraduate in political studies in the framework of the TEMPUS Master program in European institutions and policies. From this and from previous work experiences in the Secretariat for European Affairs and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) Macedonia derives, ne drives his interest in initiatives related to the improvement of the legislation and its application. Viktor builds his first experience in Macedonian civil society organization in Konekt. He is engaged in activities related to corporate philanthropy and international initiatives for corporate social responsibility. Despite the commitment on his master thesis and working in Konekt Viktor finds time to devote to art.