Services provided by Konekt

In addition to its basic project activities, Konekt also provides additional services for enterprises, families, civil society organizations, including trainings and consultations for enterprises, individuals and their families in the field of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CSR).  The team of consultants has extensive work experience in the business sector, civil society organizations and the state institutions. In the area of CSR, Konekt is the only Macedonian organization certified for implementation of the REAP methodology (Responsible Entrepreneurship Achievement Program), developed by the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).  In addition to the existing team of consultants, we also hire associates – experts from Europe and the region in accordance with our needs.

Generally, the Konekt services involve:

  • Identification of the needs and priorities in the CSR area
  • Preparation of CSR strategies and programs and their implementation
  • Preparation of reports
  • Impact and results assessment
  • Employees training
  • Preparation of award applications and other communication products related to
  • the social responsibility
  • Identification of opportunities for projects funding and investments in the area
  • of CSR
  • Legal assistance in the area of CSR

The detailed list of services given below is divided into two segments:  1) services in the area of philanthropy i.e. donations and 2) services in the area of social responsibility including the company’s business operations in terms of its impact on the society and the environment aimed at long-term sustainable development.  This is not a complete list and it can be revised with other types of cooperation, depending on the company’s needs.

  1. Achieving Effective Philanthropy
  • Preparation of a strategy for corporate philanthropy which will follow your interests and priorities and will be integrated in the overall corporate social responsibility strategy (CSR);
  • Establishment of a donation system and programs;
  • Administration of programs for corporate philanthropy;
  • Assessment of applications and requests for donations submitted to the enterprise;
  • Monitoring and assessment of corporate philanthropy grants and programs;

Identification of and connection with reliable and trusted donation recipients, non-governmental and other non-profit organizations;

  • Investigation of a specific issue in the field of interest of corporate philanthropy (the needs, the current situation, the actors in that area etc);
  • Preparation of reports on corporate philanthropy for internal and external use;
  • Support of the use of tax incentives in accordance with the Macedonian regulation (Law on Donations and Sponsorships in the Public Activities etc.)
  • Connection and exchange of experiences with other enterprises from Macedonia and the world;
  • Design of “special projects” – innovative approaches in the area of corporate philanthropy and investment in the community, specially designed for the needs of the enterprise;
  • Enabling promotion of the Program for donations and sponsorship in the public;
  • Training of employees in the enterprise of any of the above-mentioned areas.
  1. Services in the Area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Analysis and identification of the priority aspects in the area of CSR;
  • Identification and involvement of the enterprise stakeholders;
  • Preparation of a CSR strategy integrated completely or in certain CSR aspects;
  • Preparation of reports on CSR for internal and external use;
  • Design and preparation of CSR programs in any of the social responsibility segments;
  • Integration of the donation practices into the overall CSR strategy;
  • Preparation of CSR award applications in the Republic of Macedonia and on international level;
  • Preparation of communication products for CSR (separately or in cooperation with the company’s existing team);
  • Consultations for the implementation of the CSR – ISO 26000 standard, as well as other CSR-related standards;
  • Connection and exchange of experiences with other enterprises from Macedonia and the world;
  • Training of employees in the enterprise in any of the above-mentioned areas