Konekt’s founders

Konekt’s founders

Katerina Hadzi-Miceva Evans

Katerina Hadzi-Miceva Evans (without decision and voting rights) is the Executive Director of European Center for Not-for Profit Law and as one of its lead experts, a consultant and researcher on policy and law reform for the development of civil society. For over 10 years she has been supporting governments and civil society from Europe, Middle East, Commonwealth of Independent states, and beyond in creating favorable enabling legal environment for civil society, philanthropy and designing mechanisms to strengthen the relations between civil society and public sector. She is expert on issues such as framework laws for CSO regulation and sustainability, mechanisms for state-civil society collaboration, participation of civil society in law and policy making, volunteering legal framework and others. She has published numerous research papers and country specific analysis. She is a member of the Council of Europe’ Expert Council on NGO Law.

Kristina Hadzi-Vasileva, MA

Kristina Hadzi-Vasileva is co-owner and executive director of Strategic Development Consulting. She holds a Master Degree in Gender and Ethnic Studies from the University of Greenwich, London. Kristina has been involved in the design, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of development programs and projects, for more than 12 years. She has a lot of experience in Macedonia working in different NGOs and donor institutions. She worked with local governments and civil society organizations and managed programs and projects in the areas of good governance and decentralization, gender equality, civil society strengthening and local economic development. During 2001-2004, she was part of the USAID funded Local Government Reform Project within the Citizen Participation Component where she promoted budget hearings  in municipalities. She has also served as National Public Administration Reform Officer for OSCE (2007) where she conducted needs assessment for project development related to good governance. Since 2007, within Strategic Development Consulting, she has been managing the “Community Forums Program” which focuses on promoting tools for citizens participation in decision-making at local level including increasing the participation of women and different ethnic groups. Kristina is a member of the Association of business women in Macedonina and year-long  friend of Cuba-libre cocktail. She is the wife of Filip and mother of Damjan.

Marija Todorova

Marija Todorova has more than ten years of experience in the development and civil sector, working for USAID, UN, EU and DfID. Currently she is а Lecturer at the University American College Skopje, where she teaches Global Understanding, and courses in translation and communication. She is also a translator of English and Macedonian, specialized in literature for children. For her translations she has received the National Award for Literary Translation “Zlatno pero” in 2007 and the Winter Book Fair Translation Award in 2008. Todorova is a member of the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies, the National Union of Literary Translators of Macedonia, and the Network of European Peace Scientists. A graduate in English language and literature – translation department, Marija Todorova holds an MA in Peace and Development, and is currently working on her PhD thesis in the same area.

Nikica Kusinikova, MA, Executive Director

Nikica Kusinikova, MA, Executive Director. She holds Joint European Master Degree in Comparative Local Development from the University of Trento, University of Regensburg and Corvinus University from Budapest. Pursuing her primary vocation as BSc in Electrical Engineering, for several years she worked in the broadcasting industry. Over eighteen years she works as manager and consultant for international and local development programmes. She is one of the leading experts in the country and the region on issues of corporate social responsibility, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship, and author of several research and publications in this field. Nikica is President of the National Council for Development of Volunteerism, President of the Local Advisory Group for the TACSO Project and Deputy Member of the National Coordinating Body for CSR. Internationally, as a contact person of the Macedonian network, she represents the Global Compact Local Networks from Eastern Europe in the GC LN Advisory Group. Nikica is serving on Board of a number of Macedonian non-profit organizations. In her free time she likes to travel. Her philanthropic causes are: animal rights, promotion of democracy and human rights as well as all non-profit organizations she directly cooperates with.

Goran Buldioski

Goran Buldioski is Program Director of the Open Society Think Tank Fund and Director of the Open Society Initiative for Europe. He focuses on democratic transition in Eastern Europe, the development of policy research on social and political affairs, and the role of civil society in Europe. Before joining the Open Society Foundations, he worked for the Council of Europe, the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation and the National Youth Council of Macedonia. His articles and research papers addressing think tanks, policy-relevant research and democratic transition have appeared in Politico, EurAktiv, EU Observer, E!Sharp Magazine, LSE-UNDP Development and Transition Newsletter, the Turkish Policy Quarterly, and the Western Balkans Security Observer. He is member of the European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR). Buldioski holds master’s degrees in public policy from Central European University and in organizational behavior from George Washington University.


Konekt’s Governing Board

1. Iskra Tikvarovska-Kazandjievska

2. Emina Nuredinovska

3. Hristijan Jankuloski