Responsible business club

Responsible business club

Responsible Businesses Club

The Responsible Businesses Club is a club whose members are companies aware of their impact on the community and strive towards common development.  The club:

  • helps the companies to fulfil their social responsibility
  • is a movement directing businesses to strategically contribute to the solution of significant social problems and work on topics of public interest;
  • is a unique opportunity for joining the resources of the businesses in existing professionally developed programs with tangible effects;
  • is a wise investment in the development of the community and a manner for the businesses to share their knowledge and values;
  • is a platform for partnership between the businesses with the civil society organizations and the institutions for finding long-term solutions and solutions to common challenges;
  • is a network for exchange and application of the best European approaches to social responsibility, as well as a manner to expand the core of the social businesses in the country.

The Responsible Businesses Club implements professionally developed approaches to social responsibility, which address the major problems in the society. The Club offers possibilities for the members to get involved in the activities directly, without the need to organise them themselves, and it provides a space for development of additional approaches. Activities enabling businesses to share their knowledge and directing them towards change are also organized. The club provides professional consultations to its members as well as building their capacities. For the needs of the Club members, there is also a service for connecting with the civil society organizations.

The Club activities are based on research and needs analysis. They are not a replacement for the individual initiatives of the companies. The scope of activities and achievements will increase as the club develops.

You can find more information on the club here.