Responsible business club

Responsible business club

Youth Employment Program
“Career High Start”

The Youth Employment Program contributes to reducing unemployment by providing opportunities for the companies to fulfil their role of educating and employing young people.

The high rate of youth unemployment and their migration constitute problems for the society and a financial burden for the employed people. In the long run, the companies are facing shortage of manpower. Young people face difficulties finding work due to various circumstances. There are differences between the requirements of the employers from the business sector and what young people have to offer with their skills and experience. In addition, the educational process is not always in line with the requirements of the businesses. The number of young people who see the private companies as desirable employers is very small because they do not trust them and they are not familiar with the opportunities they offer.

We believe that with proper guidance and support, young people can change their life direction.  They are motivated, but they need support. Businesses can play a significant role in preparing the terrain for a better future for young people and in doing so they also benefit themselves.

The Responsible Businesses Club, through the Youth Employment Program, aims to help young people overcome the employment barriers by providing them with skills, experience and opportunity to make the first successful step in their careers.

Facts about young people:

  • Five out of ten people aged 15 to 24 are unemployed.
  • Young people are an asset for the companies. They are influential representatives for the consumers, innovators and skilled users of the modern technology.
  • The average age of the employees is 33 in Apple, 26 in Facebook and 31 in Google.

Your company can contribute to reducing the unemployment by involving itself in one of the two youth employment sub-programs:

  • Ready for Work – education of people aged 17 to 29 through a direct contact with the employers and simulation of real-life job search situations.
  • We Aim Higher- Mentoring support from companies for secondary school students from the Roma community aimed at their easier and effective inclusion in employment or continuation of education

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