Responsible business club

Responsible business club

Mentoring program – Development support

Transfer of skills from the business to the community (motto)

“Development support” is a mentoring program of the Responsible Businesses Club focusing on the development of the individual and organizational capacities, skills and capabilities in non-profit organizations. The companies are part of the program in order to transfer the business skills of their employees into positive changes in the community. Mentoring is a two-way relationship with specific benefits and lessons for all involved parties. The company, its employees, the non-profit organization and its employees – they all benefit from the inclusion in the mentoring program.

The benefits for all parties will be immense. The company improves its relations with the non-profit sector, the skills of the employees are enhanced, the employees are professionally developed and the awareness about the situation on the community is raised.  The employees in the companies improve their leadership skills, become well versed in certain fields, create network of associates, exchange experiences and expertise.   Non-profit organizations strengthen the cooperation with the business sector, the skills of their employees and members are improved and they gain knowledge to solve certain challenges.

What is the role of the mentors?

The companies, with their mentors, will mostly contribute to the development of the economic activities within the organization or to the development of social enterprises. The role of the mentors may include, but is not limited to, assistance in the preparation of some of the following documents in the organization:

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