Responsible business club

Responsible business club

Volunteer programme Connected generations

Connected Generations is a program of the Responsible Businesses Club which uses the skills of the employees in the companies in order to help adults to gain knowledge for using internet tools, computers or mobile devices. The knowledge about the social media and digital technology enables the people of the third age to communicate and stay in touch with their children, grandchildren and friends. The program enables them, through one-day training sessions, to gain practical knowledge and confidence in using Internet-based technologies.

Why your company?

Embracing this corporate volunteering challenge provides your company with the opportunity to make a contribution in breaking down barriers in communication and to directly help these people change their everyday life. It makes the company responsible towards the group of users and the entire community.

Who can be a volunteer?

Every employee in the member company who has a basic knowledge of working with a PC, Internet-based tools and mobile telephones and the desire to volunteer for a few hours by sharing such knowledge.  For instance, a great profile would be people employed in direct sales, due to their developed communication skills with various groups.

Benefits for the company and the employees

–              Sharing knowledge and experience in using digital technologies

–              Gaining experience in working with adults

–              Volunteering as part of a team in a fun and dynamic environment

–              Promotion of the company as a socially responsible company

–              Acquiring new clients, supporters and promoters.


What does the volunteering engagement include?

Under the leadership of the Responsible Business Club and Konekt, the volunteer:

–              Helps the program users to develop computer skills for using technology

–              Shares training and learning materials (developed beforehand by Konekt and the Club members and made available to them)

–              Helps users to create e-mail accounts

–              Reveals them the secrets of using Internet, mobile phones and other tools

–              Provides training for using ATMs.

For whom is the program intended?

The program is intended for people of the third age who wish to acquire skills in the use of digital technologies. The program is implemented in cooperation with specialized organizations, based on expressed interest and the needs of the users.

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