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Responsible business club

Corporate Volunteering Programme

Volunteering has the power to transform the people and the community (motto)

Volunteering has the power to transform the people and the community (motto)

Volunteering means donating part of your own time for the benefit of the community and its members. In the case of the corporate volunteering, the company is prepared to allow its employees to invest part of their working hours, talents and skills in making positive changes.

Corporate volunteering is an activity that is beneficial for all: the company, the employees and the local community.

Benefits for the company

The company receives plenty of benefits and these activities affect all aspects of the operation, such as improvement of the company image, building corporate culture, more satisfied employees.

Benefits for the employees

By involving the employees in the activities, they develop certain key skills (problem solving, mentoring, communication), improve their self-confidence and discover new talents and skills, the team spirit is strengthened, the contacts, views and knowledge of the employees are expanded.

Benefits for the community

Participation in the community volunteering provides additional work force to deal with certain challenges, improves certain space and creates financial savings.

What do we offer?

The Responsible Businesses Club offers programs that enable measurable and real influence to the community. The activities that are implemented are very important for the beneficiaries and they are implemented in those segments where it is really needed. We differentiate between two types of corporate volunteering challenges: team and individual challenges.

The activities intended for teams (team physical volunteering challenges) – require a certain degree of physical effort that does not require prior preparations. Volunteering is implemented in larger groups. The purpose of the joint activities is to make a specific change. For instance: landscaping, renovation of buildings, environmental actions, etc.

The activities intended for individuals (individual volunteering challenges) – require specific knowledge and skills which the employees will transfer in order to solve a certain problem. Unlike the team challenges, in this segment, it is the personal skills that come to surface. For instance: teaching elderly persons, providing assistance to people with disabilities, helping children to develop certain skills, etc.

In order to ensure the successful implementation of the activities, the Responsible Businesses Club will support you by:

  • Planning and organizing volunteering programs and actions;
  • Support and templates for internal communication in your company;
  • Preparation of your teams and volunteers with the necessary resource materials, guidelines, etc.;
  • Complete organization and logistics;
  • Evaluation of the volunteering;
  • Promotion of the companies and the volunteering activities.

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