Responsible business club

Responsible business club

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The purpose of the program is to establish cooperation between the civil society sector, the business sector and the institutions in order to provide guidelines and training for persons aged 17 to 29 for effective inclusion in the labour market.

The high rate of youth unemployment and their migration constitute problems for the society and a financial burden for the employed people. In the long run, the companies are facing shortage of manpower. Young people face difficulties finding work due to various circumstances. There are differences between the requirements of the employers from the business sector and what young people have to offer with their skills and experience. In addition, the educational process is not always in line with the requirements of the businesses. The number of young people who see the private companies as desirable employers is very small because they do not trust them and they are not familiar with the opportunities they offer.

The Programme helps the companies:

  • to improve their policies and practices for youth employment;
  • to become a desirable employer for young people;
  • to learn more about their needs and to create tools for direct work with them.

Duration:  3 months


The human resources managers of the enterprises that will join this program will be given a guide that will help them to improve their employment policies and adjust the job anouncements for the employment of young people.

“The Guide for Adapting Internal Policies for Employment of Enterprises” will be prepared by Konekt, in cooperation with the youth organization.


–     At the same table – an event where companies, organizations and institutions discuss the needs of the different groups in terms of employment and perceive the possible actions for addressing the problems related to the high youth unemployment.

–     In a work environment – visit to the company by young people and detailed presentation of the work and the responsible managers of the departments.  This activity provides a practical answer as to how a job looks like and a clearer picture of their desired future employment.

–     Personal presentation advisor – training conducted by the human resources managers in the companies for writing a CV and a cover letter. The participants have the opportunity to leave their CV and cover letter in the company.

–     General rehearsal – opportunity to simulate a real job interview. The participants receive comments and guidance for overcoming the challenges and for making future improvements.

–     Other activities that will be aimed at achieving the goal.

You can find more information about the program here.