Responsible business club

Responsible business club

Connect yourself!

Connect yourself  is a service that connects civil society organizations with companies.

Through Connect yourself you, as a civil society organizations, can receive support for your work by the enterprises. The support can come in different forms, depending on your needs and the available resources of the enterprises. The primary goal of the connection process is to utilize the knowledge and expertise of the companies and to help the strategic partnerships that are beneficial for both the companies and the CSOs. Our team will mediate in the establishment of a productive cooperation.

The strategic community involvement helps you become a leader in the business and strengthen the good business practices. Employee satisfaction increases, morale raises, and the user feedback is positive. Expand the circle of associates who will both help you accomplish your goal and do well for your community.

What type of services can you offer to CSOs?

  • Professional assistance in the field of: law, finance, IT support, marketing etc;
  • Business counselling: strategic planning, project development and human resources management;
  • Mentoring;
  • Cooperation on projects;
  • Cooperation related to the business activities of the company.

How can you become a part of the service and create a successful cooperation?

  1. Fill out a form

Fill out a form and send it to Konekt (konekt@konekt.org.mk ). Thus you will show that you are interested in being part of the service.

  1. Identification of potential partners

Based on the similarities between the mission and the goals, the organization and the company, Konekt will connect the two stakeholders. Only companies and organization that are compatible and willing to cooperate will continue with the procedure.

  1. Preparational activities

Before it officially connects the two stakeholders, Konekt will individually discuss with each of the potential partners.  It will provide them with all the necessary information and skills that will contribute to a more efficient mutual cooperation.

  1. Organizing the first meeting

The first meeting is attended by the company, organization and Konekt as a mediator and facilitator in the process.

The purpose of the meeting is to agree on the ways and the steps of cooperation and to define the activities that will be further undertaken.

  1. Preparation of the required documents

The method and the terms on which the company and the organization agreed to cooperate will be put down on paper. Konekt will help prepare all documents that will serve as guidelines through the further partnership between the company and the organization.

  1. Monitoring the cooperation

The cooperation between the company and the organization will be based on mutual trust and understanding and the directions of the mutual agreement. Konekt will monitor the cooperation and will be available to both parties for advice and support in the process.

You can find more information here.