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Responsible business club

We aim higher

We Aim Higher Program seeks to help the young people from the Roma nationality integrate into the society, continue their education or get an employment, by one on one mentoring.

Young Roma people are still considered a marginalized group that faces additional challenges in terms of job searching and as a consequence they face the risk of poverty and social exclusion.  Most of them, because of various circumstances, do not complete the educational process and face stereotypes and prejudices, and thus their inclusion in the regulated labour market is almost impossible. Additionally, in their communities, they rarely encounter support that would stimulate their desire for growth and success. On the other hand, they remain an unused resource for the employers.

We Aim Higher strives to provide the people from the Roma community aged 15 to 18 with an impartial councillor and an inspiring example who will understand their challenges, hear them out and support them through:

–     Helping them to learn about the values that are important to them as individuals;

–     Sharing the personal experience and challenges;

–     Focus on building confidence and communication skills;

–    Identifying the ambitions and the change that needs to be made in order to succeed;

–     Guidance in terms of career choice;

–     Monitoring the progress in terms of the achievement of these goals.

The aim of the program is to integrate young people from the Roma community in the society and reduce unemployment of the Roma youth. As part of the program, mentoring support will be provided for the secondary school students from the Roma community, which will include career counselling for easier employment or continuation of their education.

The Mentoring Program is implemented with a proven mentoring methodology applied in Northern Ireland, and implemented by Business in the Community, Northern Ireland. This methodology has shown positive results and changed a lot of young lives; in Northern Ireland, in a period of three years 57 young people have undergone the program, 72% of whom found a job or continued their education.

Benefits for the mentors:

  • Mentoring training;
  • Positive impact on the life of a young person;
  • Contribution to the achievement of the objectives for corporate social responsibility;
  • Development of new skills and mentoring skills.

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