Responsible Businesses Club Established

The membership to the club will enable the companies to jointly, in partnership with the civil sector and the institutions, respond to the major social challenges in a stronger manner

On 09.02.2017 Responsible Businesses Club was established, the founder of which is Konekt.  The highest managerial structures from about fifty companies supported the initiative for establishing of the Club and they committed to contribute towards the development of the society by leading a fair and sustainable business which incites innovations, engenders trust and promotes real values.  The Club is a unique platform for joining the companies’ initiatives, ideas and resources in order to implement even larger and more complex projects which will have significant impact on people’s lives, the prosperity of the communities and the sustainable development of the society.

The event was held in the residence of the British Ambassador Charles Garrett. This activity is part of the EU-funded project “Civil Society Powered by Business and Citizens.”