Philanthropy / Individual philanthropy

What is a Trust Mark?

Trust Mark is a self-regulating system whose purpose is to facilitate the access of citizens and companies to trusted organizations to which they can make their donations.  It is aimed at long-term enhancement of the trust between the civil society organizations (CSO) and the local donors.  The mark is awarded through a carefully created process and transparency and accountability criteria, performance results, compliance with the legislation etc. Civil society organizations that hold the Trust Mark are good partners of the citizens but also of the other stakeholders in the community.

Why should you donate in an organization which has the Trust Mark?

  • They passed a process of internal inspection of the operation;
  • A board of experts from multiple areas conducted an evaluation of the CSO operation;
  • They are recognized in the community as a trusted partner working for the public interest;
  • Increased transparency and accountability of the CSO;

The Trust Mark Principles and Criteria 

In order to obtain the Trust Mark, the CSO should adhere to a set of principles and criteria related to the following areas:

  1. Mission and values
  2. Democratic management of the organization
  3. Financial management
  4. Transparency and reporting
  5. Communication and representation
  6. Asset collection
  7. Human resources

In order to obtain a Trust Mark, civil society organizations should first carry out a self-evaluation i.e. fill in a questionnaire on evaluation of their operation, then the Trust Mark Board inspects the whole documentation and organizes additional meetings with the CSOs.  At the end of this process, the Board determines whether a CSO will receive a Trust Mark.