The Giving Circle is philanthropy in action

When smaller donations come together, philanthropy becomes a powerful tool for solving society’s problems. The Giving Circle is our solidarity party that donates jointly and thoughtfully to civil society organizations.

For the third time, on 09.06.2022, on the summer terrace of EVN we organized the Giving Circle. Despite the rainy weather, over 70 fellow citizens joined us. Together we donated to the three civil society organizations whose stories and achievements leave no one indifferent. The event was an opportunity to experience the beauty of donating and the strength of our connection.

It was exciting to see donations spontaneously multiply. Some donated as family, others on behalf of their neighbors or in honor of those who are no longer with us. We cleverly encouraged each other to achieve the goal. Every donated denar had equal value.

The companies “EVN”, “Pharmachem”, “Sparkasse Bank” and “Sava Penzisko Drustvo” doubled part of the citizens’ donations, making them twice as valuable. Many companies helped us with the logistics of the event by donating their products and services. Mentors were engaged to prepare the recipient organizations, and the volunteers from the “Volunteer Center Skopje” ensured that everyone present was satisfied with the organization of the event.

“This is the only event for which I pay to host it” said Ognen Janeski as the amount of donations grew and exceeded the goal. Through fun, we joined a total of 424,528 denars, for initiatives that promote the long-term well-being of our fellow citizens and communities. Konekt receives even more donations from those who were inspired by the event and will update this information. We donated for:

  • Association for Culture and Art – Collective VeternicaCreativity provides equal childhood for everyone. Veternica is an artistic collective that unites youngsters. There, children with disabilities become the main stars, and their audience does not point fingers, just applauds them loudly. Donate for the inclusive ensemble aiming to create the movie “Alice”, enabling their story to change lives and to touch even more hearts.
  • National Network to End Violence against Women and Domestic ViolenceThis network of organizations across the country helps and shelters women who are victims of violence and abuse. Donate to the Women’s Intervention Fund. In this way, in emergency situations you will support the provision of the most necessary help: medical and legal services, food, housing, education for their children. Let’s be the bridge for our fellow citizens and transform them from victims to heroines.
  • Center for Youth Activism KrikThe youngsters from Krik, jointly with the scouts, organize the camp where they will associate with peers with and without disabilities. They will be able to study and enjoy the summer sunsets in a safe environment. They will experience from each other that diversity is an advantage. Donate to new generations of young people who will build united communities.

These three carefully selected and trusted organizations that received the support of the Giving Circle will be assisted by Konekt for the realization of donations and monitoring of achievements. Konekt sends its regards to all the citizens and companies that are part of the Giving Circle. We expand the Circle of those who want to join us, plan, and donate. Write to us at to be part of the Giving Circle or to get advice on where to invest your donation wisely.

The photos from the circle are a donation from Tomislav Georgiev. More photos from the event can be found at this link.

This edition of the circle is organized within the USAID “Donation Partnerships” project implemented by Konekt. The annual work plan of Konekt is supported by Civica Mobilitas.