Citizens celebrated the end of 2020 with donations

Under the motto “To donate is love” on December 29, 2020, we organized an online version of the Giving Circle where over 150 citizens, due to the pandemic, joined online to donate smartly to three organizations. Sending a message of solidarity, they celebrated the end of 2020 with hope and positive energy for a better next year. Over 60 citizens donated 445,000 denars for initiatives that improve the long-term well-being of citizens and communities, and support continued to grow. The companies Pivara Skopje, Tinex, and EVN also joined the event and generously joined their donations with the donations of the citizens.

The Giving Circle is a community of citizens who donate not only for humanitarian purposes but also to achieve long-term change in our communities. The pandemic has made us think about the values ​​and priorities we have as citizens and as a society. It pointed out to us the need for solidarity and that only together can we build a better tomorrow. And that is exactly the values ​​we nurture in the Giving Circle.

At the event we donated to three trusted organizations that deserved the support of the members of the Giving Circle:

  • The Dyslexia Association Einstein from Skopje for the introduction of the “Neuro-Balance” program for children which will allow children with dyslexia to read without difficulty;
  • The Association Rural Coalition from Kumanovo for opening the first online market of agricultural products that will enable 200-300 women farmers and their families to earn income, and healthy food available to all the citizens;
  • The Association Volunteer Fire Department – Sveti Nikole who in recent years has extinguished over 300 fires. Their aim was to build a garage for firefighting vehicles and to continue to save our lives and homes.

The event showed that the funds that each individual can set aside as a donation are a powerful tool when directed together. Joint donations help in solving real problems, and not only in resolving the burning issues in society. Konekt thanks all the citizens and companies who donated and supported the Giving Circle.

Konekt signs donation agreements with the organizations, monitor their work, maintains regular communication with donors, and informs them about the effects of their donation.

All interested individual donors – citizens are invited to join the Giving Circle, to seek advice directly in Konekt or at on where to wisely invest their donation.

The Giving Circle is supported by the Civica Mobilitas program which supports Konekt’s annual work plan.