On 07.06.2018 for the first time in Macedonia, Konekt held the Giving Circle – a philanthropic event intended for individual philanthropists who want to direct their donations to civil society organizations.

Konekt has been working to encourage philanthropy for 10 years and strives to be the key link in connecting the donors with the civil society sector in creating a positive impact on society. In the jubilee year of its existence, Konekt established the Giving Circle as a platform to encourage individual philanthropy. We believe in strong and sustainable CSOs that rely on local funding resources, and that mobilize citizens and companies for support. Therefore, through the Giving Circle, we are building a support infrastructure that will enable citizens to donate in a planned and thoughtful way to trusted organizations that work dedicatedly to solve social problems.

For the first Giving Circle, Konekt and the Initiative Board selected the following organizations: Open the Windows, HOPS, and Wilson Macedonia, which have already gained the trust of their regular donors, and newly gained the trust of about one hundred new donors who were part of the Giving Circle.

The event showed that the funds that each individual can set aside as a donation are a powerful tool when joined together. Joint donations help in solving real problems, and not only in resolving the burning issues in society. Thanks to these donations, the goal of the Giving Circle was achieved – 100 thousand denars were collected for each organization. With these funds, they will improve and enhance the lives of their users.

Konekt believes that through thoughtful and planned donations, challenges can be turned into solutions. Therefore, the Giving Circle will be represented by civil society organizations that are best aware of the complex social conditions and that specialize in certain social phenomena. We are sure that through daily investment in civil society organizations, the effects of their work, in the long run, will be positive for everyone.

In the following period, Konekt will sign the donation agreements with the organizations, will monitor their work, maintain regular communication with the donors, and inform them about the realization of their donation.

More photos from the donor circle can be found at the following link.

Giving circles are planned to be held twice a year and at each event to represent two or three civil society organizations that are transparent and committed to their missions.

Until the next Giving Circle, all interested donors can seek advice directly at Konekt or at konekt@konekt.org.mk on how to invest their donations wisely.

Konekt is a beneficiary of an institutional grant from Civica Mobilitas.