*updated on August 10th , 2023

In one hour, the citizens collected more than 10,000 euros at the donor’s circle

On June 12, 2023, the fourth giving circle was held in Brick Bar, where a hundred citizens encouraged by the companies donated 641,000 MKD in one hour. Under the motto “Join, Plan, donate!”, Konekt’s giving circle has already become a community of individual philanthropists who know that with a thoughtful and smart donation, they can contribute to the essential solution of our problems.

“There is a special energy in joint donations. It creates a community of people who share values and have decided to do something themselves, instead of waiting for solutions to the problems to come from the outside. The giving circle nurtures our hope in the goodness of people. For 15 years, Konekt has been a link that connects donors with civil society organizations, which are drivers for a better society,” said Nikica Kusinikova, Executive Director of Konekt.

The companies EVN Macedonia, Farmachem, Sava Penzisko drushtvo AD, Umbrella, Unica, Halkbanka, Veze Shari, BKS export import were also involved in the event, and made donations to three civil society organizations with social entrepreneurship initiatives, knowing that they are an ideal model for inclusive and sustainable development. The organizations presented themselves through their business model, which enables a better life for people with disabilities and hires people who are very difficult to employ, namely:

  • “Association for Affirmation of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Equality” from Skopje – For many persons with disabilities, the clothing available in stores is not adequate. When you are in a wheelchair, dressing can take a long time, and sometimes you need help from another person. Donate to ZEN Futurus – the first prototype collection of tailored, contemporary clothing to be worn by 50 people.
  • “Ekovita” from Negotino – With decades of experience and experts, Ekovita has created a special, ecological substrate for simple mushroom cultivation. They can be grown at home or in the old garage. In conditions of economic crisis, this is an excellent opportunity for everyone facing hunger or unemployment. A donation was made for 30 unemployed young people to learn how to grow mushrooms and earn their own money.
  • “Association for People with Cerebral Palsy and Other Disabilities” from Veles – Some people with disabilities need 24-hour care and assisted living. In order not to be isolated and forgotten by everyone, the association created 4 small group homes in Veles and Gradsko. In addition to the necessary care, they are trained to be involved in the production of creams, oils, and teas from calendula and lavender. The donations were made for the inclusion and dignified life of 20 people with disabilities.

In the upcoming period, Konekt will sign a donation agreement with the organizations, will monitor their work, maintain regular communication with the donors, and inform them about the realization and achievements of their donation.

Even after the giving circle, donations were still coming in from interested citizens and companies. As of August 10, 2023, 12,740 euros, i.e. 783,505 den, have been collected. This makes this year’s round the most successful yet!

For additional information about the giving circle and to find out how to get involved in the next editions, contact Konekt at 02/3224 198 or at konekt@konekt.org.mk and invest your donation wisely.

The giving circle is organized within the USAID project “Partnerships for Giving” implemented by Konekt.

The photos for the Giving Circle were made by Stefan Samandov. You can find more photos from the event <<link>>.